See the project before and after.

5 years ago, Nougat & Nectarine was born from a Twitter pseudonym. The company was created in Fall 2013.

More about us

Nougat & Nectarine is the perfect place for breakfast, light snack, or sweet treat. Here pleasure and guilt go hand in hand. We can also cater your corporate event and orders for home and office for all occasions. Sweet workshops will be available in the Fall.

A story so sweet it will charm you!

After a 20-year career as an advertising producer, Céline Carbonneau changed paths to take on two new roles: as pastry chef and visionary. She has traded in producing commercials for producing cakes, cupcakes, small pastries and icing. This has all led to the creation of Nougat & Nectarine with studies in art, flower arrangement, pastry and candy making in Montreal, New York and London. Céline’s great taste transports itself to all she creates.